Almost 30 years of planning is about to pay off

This drone photo by Eli Jeffers was taken as the project began.
Travis Lott
A project that has been in the works for almost three decades is finally coming to fruition for Steeleville Baptist Church.
In 1992, church leadership recognized the growth of the congregation. At that time, the church was providing two services to meet the needs of the crowds that were attending.
A building fund was established that year with the goal of having at least 60 percent of the total cost of the project in the bank before starting construction.
When Scott Foshie became the pastor in 2015, the congregation grew even more, to the point where three services had to be held.
According to church records, more than 100 people were baptised there since 2015.
Mark Bradley, head of the church’s building committee, said his group began to meet in 2015 to work on the plans. Then, three years ago, the church began a capital giving campaign to obtain the funds.
Last fall, the church reached that 60 percent mark, which was around $700,000, and a proposal was put in place for the new structure to be built in 2021.
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