Another headache for WSRC vendors

Travis Lott
The bidding process for vendors at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex in Sparta is not going well.
The vendors who occupy the buildings along the traplines at the complex have been in the news a lot in the past year, as they remain bitterly divided with the state of Illinois over issues with the lease contracts.
In July, vendors were informed that even though they were unable to use their buildings at the complex after the state forbade the Grand American Trapshooting Championships from taking place in Sparta due to the ongoing pandemic, there would be no rent relief for them.
Just a few months later, at the end of November, the vendors were informed that they would have to place bids to retain their lease contracts.
This outraged the vendors, many of whom spent thousands of dollars of their own money to renovate the interiors of the buildings and had occupied them since the complex opened in 2006.
The vendors’ outcry became even louder when they saw the bidding documents, which they said were long and overly complicated.
In the past month, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources’ office of procurement has been opening bids.
So far, 18 of the bids received have been opened, but the state approved only four. All of the bids came from companies that were previously vendors at the complex.
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