Bareis not running for sheriff

Sheriff Steve Bareis
Travis Lott
Perry County Sheriff Steve Bareis announced this week that he will not seek re-election as sheriff in 2022, and following a nearly year-long deployment with the National Guard next year, he will take over as police chief in Sesser.
Bareis, 52, has been with the Perry County Sheriff’s Office for 20 years, the last six as sheriff.
In his seventh year as sheriff, Bareis would face re-election next November. Instead, he was recently offered a position as the interim police chief in Sesser, where Ryan White said he was uninterested in continuing his role as chief.
That news comes amid reports of a lawsuit brought by former Sesser Mayor Ned Mitchell, claiming that White made false statements that led to Mitchell’s 2019 arrest on drug charges, according to local media reports.
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