Helvey, Tindall win Cutler golf ball draw

Travis Lott
It was pure chance that selected two members of the Cutler town board and ended one man’s career in public service that spanned over five decades.
In the April 6 municipal election, candidate Daniel Curry received 27 votes and won one of the three open seats. However, there was a three-way tie for the other two seats among Lisa Tindall, Shane Helvey and Melvin Carrothers, all receiving 23 votes. Candidate Brenda Conway lost with 21 votes.
Per state statute, the county clerk in the county where the election took place has the authority to devise a fair method of determining the election results when there is a tie.
Some elections are decided by drawing from a deck of cards or by a roll of dice. But Perry County Clerk John Batteau wanted to do something a little different.
In order to break that tie, Batteau decided that the election would be determined by drawing golf balls with the candidates’ names written on them.
All three candidates attended the drawing April 8, where each name was written on a golf ball and placed in a paper sack.
Two balls were drawn by County Journal reporter Travis Lott, who served as the disinterested third party.
Helvey’s name was drawn first, then Tindall’s.
Carrothers has served on the town board for a total of 50 years. He has served the village for many years, working in the water department and running the village museum, as well.
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