Voters set to make municipal choices

Area voters will have a number of choices to make during the April 6 consolidated election.
Randolph County
There are a total of 20 contested races in Randolph County, seven of which are mayoral races.
In Chester, Richard Brueg-gemann is challenging long-time Mayor Tom Page.
The same is true in Steele-ville, where Andy Gerlach challenges Mayor Bob Sutton
In Coulterville, William Gibson will run against Mayor Steve Marlow.
In Ellis Grove, Clara Waltemate is running against appointed incumbent Village President Brandy Miller.
The three other races for the top executive spots of village president are between newcomers.
A three-way race among Mark Wilson, James Pope-joy and David Mollet will decide the new president of Prairie du Rocher.
Virgil Chandler and Brad Denney are running for president in Baldwin, and Paul Barton and Dennis Dickerson will go head-to-head for president in Tilden.
There are also a number of city council races, especially in Chester, where there are contested races in Wards 1, 2 and 4.
Dan Giesen faces a challenge from Bryce Hill in Ward 1. Newcomers Bob Buckham and Jessie Canady will face off for Ward 2, and Larry Bert is seeking to unseat long-time Alderman Michael Blechle in Ward 4.
In Red Bud, Ben Schwartzkopf is challenging Clem Esker for his seat as alderman of Ward 1.
Baldwin residents must choose among candidates Darrell Mueth, Brad Moss, Beverly Harms, Dustin Ebers and Ernest Dickerson.
In Steeleville, residents must choose three members for the village board running at large. The choices are Cindy Sickmeyer, Bruce Guebert, William Spiller, Larry Ruebke and Alex Behnken.
In school board races, there are contested spots for Chester, Prairie du Rocher, Red Bud and John A. Logan College.
In Chester, where three will be elected, the choices are Matthew Davitz, Alicia Ebers, Nikki Malley, Brad Coleman and Randi Belton.
Prairie du Rocher’s school board candidates are Mark Laurent, Kimberly Mudd, Jennifer Donjon and Keni Farris. Voters must choose three.
A total of four candidates for Red Bud school board must be selected from Carol Harms, Abigail Carter, Cheri Lange, Amy Wolter, Todd Birkner, Ben Schwartzkopf and Rick Stenzel.
Running for three spots on John A. Logan’s board of trustees are Brent Clark, John Streuter, Jacob Ren-dleman, Glenn Poshard and Angelo Hightower.
In Kaskaskia’s water district, voters must select four trustees from Ed Cockrell, Donald Hall, Bruce Peebles, David Sutton and William Cumberland.
There are also contested races in two of the county’s four road districts.
Voters will choose between Jeff Wittenborn and Kyle Hess for commissioner in Road District 1.
Matt Young, the incumbent, faces a challenge from Deon P. Roth for commissioner in Road District 2.
Voters in Steeleville and Percy, as well as some residents who live between the two towns, will decide whether or not a new sanitary sewer district, which would serve both municipalities, will be formed.
If approved, Steeleville’s existing plant would be modified to process sewage from both towns, and Percy’s sewer plant would be shut down.
If formed, the district would be a separate government entity with the authority to seek grants, apply for loans and levy a tax.
Proponents say any tax would be less than the increase in sewer bills resulting from Illinois EPA mandated upgrades to each town’s existing sewer treatment plant.
The measure needs only a simple majority of the total vote to be approved.
Perry County
There are at-large races for trustees in Cutler and Willisville, where voters must choose just three in each village.
The candidates in Cutler are Melvin Carrothers, Daniel Curry, Brenda Conway, Lisa Tindall and D. Shane Helvey.
In Willisville, the choices are John Hill, Tracy Reed, Jessica Jung and Amelia Fraembs.
For Pinckneyville Consolidated School District 204, voters must choose three candidates among Matthew Heine, Jackie Brand, Sean Carter, Brittany Goldman and James Williams.
Jackson County
There are two local races in Ava.
Competing for city clerk are Kay Johnson and Annette Nikki Hoppe.
For Alderman in Ward 1, Amber Heern and Charlie Schott are going head to head.